Proofreading and Editing


Proofreading and editing are very essential aspects of the development of quality communication materials.  All documents should be “proofed” carefully, or closely edited or scrutinized by objective eyes–(use em dash here) eyes that have not authored the work.*

The value of proofreading and editing is indeed in the objectivity it brings to the project.
Oftentimes, writers are hired to develop materials while proofreaders or editors are hired to finalize or refine the content.

Proofreading can be as simple as reviewing the document for correct cosmetic details or looking for incorrect use of punctuation.  Conversely, editing can be as detailed as re-writing the communications so that it is more structured, more compelling, better organized, or provides a stronger message. As with any type of communications, “messaging” is key and is always a dimension the proofreader or editor offers in his or her review of the work.  In addition to messaging, an editor must ensure that the “one person voice” flows throughout the document, camouflaging the fact that the document may have been authored by more than one person or a team of writers.

Proofreaders and editors provide valuable input into the final draft of any work. Their “eagle eye” skills are key to the success of the project.

*Melanie has served as a ghostwriter, proofreader, and editor for several clients. You can read their comments in the Client Testimonials section.

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