Marketing Communications

marketingcomThe term marketing communications refers to a type of “messaging” used to communicate with a certain market or markets.  The goal of marketing communications is to compel the market or audience into thinking a particular way, behaving in a certain manner, or feeling compelled to purchase a specific product or service.

Marketing itself is the ability to easily “sell” a product or service.  Typical marketing efforts include the use of a strong “marketing mix,” which includes the four Ps—price, place, promotion, and product.  Strong marketing communications, therefore, are successful at reaching target markets through the use of a well-established marketing mix and a communications plan.

A “marketing communications plan,” therefore, may include the phases of rolling out communications to certain markets, at designated times, using specific vehicles.
Today’s marketing communications includes more than just promoting products.  Marketing communications now spans the realm of social media—promoting products or services via online advertising, web sites, and various social media apps.

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