My Name’s Olivia: How I Survived Eighth Grade

My Name's Olivia: How I Survived Eighth Grade
My Name’s Olivia: How I Survived Eighth Grade by Emily Si and Melanie A. Martin.

Meet Olivia Wang, a typical Chinese-American preteen, who has just moved to Cleveland. Olivia’s unsure about Cleveland; after all, what’s good about just another new town? She knows no one and realizes that as the new kid at school, making friends and fitting in will be difficult. Olivia’s been through this familiar scenario before in previous moves. However, she is ready to explore her surroundings and start eighth grade at Jefferson Middle School.

Ironically, the school year begins on the wrong foot when an obnoxious girl and her friends begin to harass Olivia. This new bully, Leslie Thompson, is determined to make Olivia’s life miserable. But, one day as she walks home from school, Olivia discovers the popular community garden. Almost immediately, she becomes friends with the people who regularly frequent the garden to hang out together.

Find out how blossoming friendships among the garden people help Olivia to face her fears and survive eighth grade.

Available both in paperback and as an ebook.

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