My Name's Olivia: How I Survived Eighth Grade
My Name’s Olivia: How I Survived Eighth Grade by Emily Si and Melanie A. Martin.

Meet Olivia Wang, a typical Chinese-American preteen, who has just moved to Cleveland. Olivia’s unsure about Cleveland; after all, what’s good about just another new town? She knows no one and realizes that as the new kid at school, making friends and fitting in will be difficult. Olivia’s been through this familiar scenario before in previous moves. However, she is ready to explore her surroundings and start eighth grade at Jefferson Middle School.

Ironically, the school year begins on the wrong foot when an obnoxious girl and her friends begin to harass Olivia. This new bully, Leslie Thompson, is determined to make Olivia’s life miserable. But, one day as she walks home from school, Olivia discovers the popular community garden. Almost immediately, she becomes friends with the people who regularly frequent the garden to hang out together.

Find out how blossoming friendships among the garden people help Olivia to face her fears and survive eighth grade.

Available both in paperback and as an ebook.

Streams of Tears: The Heartache of Divorce (front cover)
Streams of Tears: The Heartache of Divorce
by John D. Martin Ed.D. and Melanie A. Martin.
Everyone knows someone who has been affected by divorce. In America today, more than half of all first marriages end in divorce. And, the divorce rate is even higher with second and third marriages. These statistics compare to those of ancient Rome in the days of its decadence!

Since the beginning of time, science and theology have claimed that God instituted marriage and the family. It follows then that God knows what is best for mankind.

Even though God designed marriage and the family, the deception of Satan and the sinfulness of man weigh heavily against these institutions. Divorce is making shambles of our homes. Broken marriages leave families divided. The tragedy of broken lives, hearts, and dreams, undoubtedly, results in streams of tears.

Dr. Martin presents a compelling view of the devastation of divorce, through statistics and facts, as well as shares from his own experience as a therapist of 30 years. He takes a close look at how divorce greatly affects our society in general, natural families, stepfamilies, and children. He reveals how, in spite of our sinful nature and mistakes, there is hope and forgiveness after divorce.

Available both in paperback and as an ebook.
Whiskers, the Black and White Mouse - At The Zoo (front cover)
Whiskers, the Black and White Mouse – At The Zoo by Jessica Jin  and Melanie A. Martin.

Whiskers, the black and white mouse, is just like any other cute little mouse except that he hates to take baths. He is afraid, very afraid, of bath water! Whiskers is not brave and courageous like his friends at the zoo.

His friends tease Whiskers because he is dirty all the time. Because he refuses to take a bath and get clean, no one wants to play with him. And, Whiskers even gets so dirty that his friends do not recognize him! Can Whiskers ever face his fear of taking a bath? Will he ever become brave and courageous? Will his friends recognize him when he is clean? Will they want to play with Whiskers again?

Take a trip to the zoo and see how Whiskers finally gets over his fear of taking a bath. And, see what his friends say to Whiskers when he learns how to be brave and courageous and gets clean again!
Bigotes, el raton negro y blanco - en el zoologico (Spanish Edition)
Bigotes, el raton negro y blanco – en el zoologico (Spanish Edition) by Jessica Jin and Melanie A. Martin.

Bigotes, el ratón negro y blanco es como cualquier otro ratoncito, excepto que odia bañarse. Él le tiene miedo, ¡mucho miedo al agua de baño! Bigotes no tiene agallas ni es valiente como sus amigos en el zoológico.

Los amigos de Bigotes lo fastidian porque está sucio todo el tiempo. Como se rehúsa a darse un baño y a lavarse, nadie quiere jugar con él. Bigotes se llega a ensuciar tanto ¡que sus amigos ni lo reconocen! ¿Podrá Bigotes enfrentarse a sus temores y darse un baño? ¿Llegará a ser valiente alguna vez? ¿Lo reconocerán sus amigos cuando esté limpio? ¿Querrán jugar con Bigotes otra vez?

Hagamos un recorrido del zoológico y veamos cómo Bigotes por fin supera el temor de darse un baño. Y veamos lo que sus amigos le dicen a Bigotes cuando él por fin aprende a ser valiente y queda limpiecito!

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