Whiskers, the Black and White Mouse: At The Zoo

Whiskers, the Black and White Mouse - At The Zoo (front cover)
Whiskers, the Black and White Mouse – At The Zoo by Jessica Jin (Author), Melanie A. Martin (Author).

Whiskers, the black and white mouse, is just like any other cute little mouse except that he hates to take baths. He is afraid, very afraid, of bath water! Whiskers is not brave and courageous like his friends at the zoo. His friends tease Whiskers because he is dirty all the time. Because he refuses to take a bath and get clean, no one wants to play with him. And, Whiskers even gets so dirty that his friends do not recognize him! Can Whiskers ever face his fear of taking a bath? Will he ever become brave and courageous? Will his friends recognize him when he is clean? Will they want to play with Whiskers again? Take a trip to the zoo and see how Whiskers finally gets over his fear of taking a bath. And, see what his friends say to Whiskers when he learns how to be brave and courageous and gets clean again!

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