Streams of Tears: The Heartache of Divorce

Streams of Tears: The Heartache of Divorce (front cover)
Streams of Tears: The Heartache of Divorce
by John D. Martin Ed.D. and Melanie A. Martin.
Everyone knows someone who has been affected by divorce. In America today, more than half of all first marriages end in divorce. And, the divorce rate is even higher with second and third marriages. These statistics compare to those of ancient Rome in the days of its decadence!

Since the beginning of time, science and theology have claimed that God instituted marriage and the family. It follows then that God knows what is best for mankind.

Even though God designed marriage and the family, the deception of Satan and the sinfulness of man weigh heavily against these institutions. Divorce is making shambles of our homes. Broken marriages leave families divided. The tragedy of broken lives, hearts, and dreams, undoubtedly, results in streams of tears.

Dr. Martin presents a compelling view of the devastation of divorce, through statistics and facts, as well as shares from his own experience as a therapist of 30 years. He takes a close look at how divorce greatly affects our society in general, natural families, stepfamilies, and children. He reveals how, in spite of our sinful nature and mistakes, there is hope and forgiveness after divorce.

Available both in paperback and as an ebook.

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