Technical Documentation

techwebA professional technical writer engages in technical and business writing to produce clear and concise documentation.

This style of communication helps readers to understand the hows and whys of a concept, product, or service.  Technical writers explain in detail the various aspects of technologies, processes, procedures, policies, and products in many formats, including print, online, and other electronic means.*

Technical documentation includes online help, manuals (system, software, end user, and training, to name a few), white papers, design specifications, policies and procedures, project plans, test plans, etc. And, with the popularity of eLearning, technical writers may also develop training for their audiences. (In this role, technical writers may be referred to as “instructional designers” or “curriculum developers.”)

Engineers, scientists, attorneys, bankers, and other professionals oftentimes engage the expertise of technical writers to develop their materials.

* Melanie and her team are skilled in the use of Information Mapping for the development of concepts, policies, procedures, and processes. The Information Mapping methodology is based on the psychology of addressing how adult learners best comprehend technical communications.

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